Packaging from PrintLink

From the very beginning, we have been helping our clients with packaging for their Christmas presents, also dealing with increasing numbers of corporate gifts, promotional offers and whatever else is requested.

We offer complete solutions by manufacturing both packaging materials and gifts and then putting them together in an attractive manner. We can also add smaller promotional items to existing products and do much more.

We offer

  • Your or our idea

  • Packaging solution

  • Production

  • Packaging

  • Final product

  • Transport

  • Repackaging

    Original retail packaging can fail in some situations, requiring removal and replacement with new packaging. To us, this task is both handy and heartfelt. Simply bring your products to us and we will repackage them.

  • Gift packaging

    If you want your corporate gifts or products to look exclusive, they will need appropriate packaging. We will manufacture all the necessary packaging materials and use them skilfully to prepare your gifts or products. Naturally this will be done manually and with utmost care.

  • Promotional product packaging

    If you are planning a special promotion but finding it difficult to define optimal packaging and need a helping hand to ensure the best result, PrintLink will come to the rescue again. We have honed this skill for many years and your promotional products will get a beautiful and professional shell.

  • Ordinary packaging

    We can bundle and package items both manually and automatically. Our range of methods includes embellishment with ribbons, wrapping in clingfilm, addition of markings, application of adhesive tape, creation of sets and much more.

We cooperate with

Printing houses

Importers of cosmetics

Food producers and distributors

Importers of corporate gifts

Clients who offer gifts to influencers

Companies striving to foster customer loyalty

We know how to win hearts and minds!

Printlink Production OÜ

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11316, Eesti